Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud Review

I wasn’t ready for this. I am certainly not.

Nope, I am not freaking out.

It’s just that, Ed Sheeran finally appeared full blast on his own music video. And he is freaking dancing! HE IS DANCING!!!

Okay, I maybe freaking out. A little.

ED freaking Sheeran shows off his smooth and adorable dance moves on his latest music video for “Thinking Out Loud”; a track from his sophomore album “X”which is, by the way, the most brilliant, gorgeous, beautiful track he’s ever done.

I am a huge fan, that’s why I am SO very proud of him. He is certainly a man of many talents. Bow down to you, Ed!

Now press that play button to see for yourself!


Music is a key to ease up your mind.

Pinoy Music Festival 2014

Admittedly, I am a sworn music lover. And that’s because both my parents were also into music. I remember growing up listening to Abba, Beatles, Bee Gees, Eagles, Frank Sinatra, and Queen. Plus, these OPM legends like, Hotdog, APO Hiking Society, and Juan Dela Cruz Band. Right then and there, OPM just occupied a huge part of my music heart. I lived my teenag life, enjoying the music of Regine Velasquez, Donna Cruz, Eraserheads, The Company, Ogie Alcasid, and Gary Valenciano.

So watching an event like PINOY MUSIC FESTIVAL is  a big thing for me.

I am a music geek and a huge OPM fan. I love watching rising artists perform live and appreciate their talents dearly. I also love me some OPM legends, especially artists from 80s and 90s era, like, Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, and Donna Cruz – aaahhhh the “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso” days.

That’s why I am so glad that there are still these kind of organizations that aims to give OPM music, the reputation it deserves. Kudos to you guys!

This huge Philippine Music event, PINOY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014, is happening on September 5, 2014, at the Ayala Triangle, Makati City, 8pm – 12am. AND I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS EVENT! Can’t wait!

Again, I am a huge OPM fan, so I agree, YES, ibalik natin ang sigla ng OPM. Palakasin natin ang Orihinal na Musikang Pilipino.

Mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

**Please visit http://preview.tinyurl.com/pinoy-music-festival-2014 now!

Dianna Agron on Sam Smith’s New Music Video

sam smith in the lonely hour new singleFreaking finally! Sam Smith’s new music video for his new single “I’m Not The Only One” was released! I have been waiting for this one for SO long!

The music video featured the ever beautiful and gorgeous Dianna Agron with Chris Messina as her husband. The video was heartbreaking-ly beautiful indeed. It was a story about a martyr wife – Dianna – and her cheating husband.  Clothes’ burning, alcohol drinking
Continue reading Dianna Agron on Sam Smith’s New Music Video

Naya Rivera Just Got freaking Married

naya-rivera-marriedPhoto credit: http://www.people.com

“We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife,” the couple told PEOPLE exclusively. “Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for.”

Yesterday, it was all over the news that Glee star, Naya Rivera just got married last weekend, July 19, to actor Ryan Dorsey in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. According to People.com, it was an intimate wedding in front of small group of close family.

Okay. To say the least, I freaked out – and my feelings are literally all over the place – when I found out the very shocking – heartbreaking for me; I have huge crush on this lady!!! – news of Naya Rivera – a.k.a Santana Lopez on the show, Glee – getting married last weekend.

Well, you can’t blame me for freaking out, because what the hell? I mean, it was like, I just blinked, and then bam! She’s a married woman already! GAD DAMN IT.

I believe we are all aware that she just got out from a very recent broken engagement with Big Sean last April, so it was really surprising that just after 3 months, she’s now married to a different groom.

Continue reading Naya Rivera Just Got freaking Married

Remembering Cory Monteith


Love is how you stay alive, even after you’re gone – Cory Monteith

Photo credit: http://corymonteithnow.com/

It’s still surreal. It’s been a year since Cory Monteith died, and it is still unbelievable, and heartbreaking. I’m a huge Glee fan, and that tragic event last year really has affected me.

Cory Monteith. Finn Hudson. He was one of the main reasons why I was drawn to watching Glee, 5 years ago. It was when he sang “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the shower, with Mr. Schuester creeping on him. It was when he flashes his adorable dopey smirk whenever he and Puck makes fun of other kids at McKinley High. It was his remarkable wide broad shoulder, and awkwardly tall height. It was his realistic portrayal of a highschool boy who’s struggling to be a grown up man.

So watching Glee last season without his handsome crooked smile, his awkward cute dancing, his occasional dumb one-liner, his half smirk half grin smile,
Continue reading Remembering Cory Monteith

Glee Best Songs of All Time

So after I have listed  down the Glee’s Best Episodes of All Time – for me – I kind of think it’s best to list down its best songs too. I have been actually meaning to do this list for quite a long time now, but ya know, it’s kind of hard to pick favorites. But here ya go:

**The first twenty are my top favorites, and the rest are just on a random arrangement. I just can’t rank them anymore, they were  all brilliant!

1.  Paradise by the Dashboard Light – S03E21
2.  Rumour Has It / Someone Like You – S03E06
3. Valerie – S02 and 05
4. Don’t Rain on My Parade – S01 and S05
5. Smooth Criminal – S03E11 Continue reading Glee Best Songs of All Time

Glee Best Episodes of All Time – Updated

For a TV Series fan like me, when boredom  strikes and you have nothing important thing to do, you’ll find yourself re-watching one –or maybe more than – of your favorite TV Shows, and for me, that’s Glee.


Glee is currently on a hiatus and is set to return – according to the news – in January 2015, for its final season. So Gleeks, we still have more than 5 months to wait. So I have started re-watching the series again – and man, those good old days were surely missed, because let’s admit, S1 to S3 are GOLD, while – for me – S4 is kinda of a failure and S5, luckily, was saved a bit by the  show’s 2-part 100th episode. Continue reading Glee Best Episodes of All Time – Updated

Restart by Sam Smith


The song “Restart” by Sam Smith is like freshly baked chocolate cake that you wouldn’t want to skip whenever being offered. And once it’s gone, you’ll crave for more and will never – ever – stop until you get another slice.

In short, everything about this song is perfect. It’s addictive and very therapeutic at the same time.

And this  is TOO good to be just a bonus track on his album – damn.

Its 80s pop sound  is just so pleasing to ears. It will make you wanna dance and just get partying in the middle of the street at night. It will make you wanna belt into the high notes even if you knew you can’t hit it, you’ll do it anyway just because you want to do it. Its disco remix-like arrangement is gold that will make you wanna get somebody to dance with you.

Okay. I’m going to stop right here. Just listen to it and know what I’m talking about.

“Restart” is part of Sam Smith’s “In The Lonely Hour” Album, Deluxe Edition.

More of music – fangirling – reviews here!

“Love, America” – Directorial Debut of Naya Rivera

Guys, Nayaholics! It’s finally here! The directorial debut of Naya Rivera that we all have been waiting for is finally out!

Earlier today, June 24, Welcome.us released the most anticipated short film that all Naya Rivera fans have been patiently waited. And it’s worth the wait, it was incredibly done!

To be honest, I feel SO SO proud of her. I mean, what does this woman can’t do?  She’s a good actress, a great singer, she can dance, a model, a songwriter, and now a director. She’s really got an amazing talent.

“Love, America” was incredibly moving. Great scoring, great editing, great directing, everything is perfect. It just lasted only for about 3mins though, but I’m telling you guys, it was worth the watch.

Here’s an excerpt from Naya Rivera’s interview with BuzzFeed about directing “Love, America” video:

“The way it weaved through people’s lives, we’re all interconnected,” Rivera told BuzzFeed. “We wanted to make it fluid and beautiful.”

P.S. This girl is amazingly talented.

Chapter 4: Your Hesitations, My Regrets

“The One That Got Away” by The Civil Wars is I think perfect for this chapter.

This is the least Alex had expected. She just wanted to move forward already. She’s actually ready to leave all the questions behind. She’s willing to forget everything and just keep going, expecting she’d be over the pain and hurt eventually, soon. But now everything is coming back to her in a rush after seeing again the girl in front of her; the pain, the hurt, feeling of betrayal, excitement, love, altogether. She thought she would be ready for this day if it would have to come, but she’s not prepared it would be sooner than later.

“Alex.” Louise started, “Can we… can we talk please?”

Alex stared intently at Louise. Her heart almost melts when she saw the pleading look on Louise’s blue eyes. “God, she’s beautiful.” She mentally thought. Her eyes and heart is yet again deceiving her brain and good mental consciousness. She thought she’s done dealing with this battle between her heart and her brain, but she’s wrong again, because here she is, willing to give this situation a chance to know what the girl have to say.

“Hey Louise! I’ve been looking for…” The man started. “Oh.” But the man didn’t manage to finish what he has to say.

All four heads quickly turn their attention to the man coming in walking towards them.

Of course it’s Sam.

Great, Louise is asking for a talk but she clearly forgot she’s with Sam. Thank God Cathy and Addie was there, because it could have been the most awkward situation in Alex’s entire life if it weren’t for them.

Alex smirked mockingly; she cannot contain her annoyance anymore. And Louise’s fully aware of it because she saw it, she quickly diverted her attention to Sam.

“Sam, I..” Louise started.

“Cathy, let’s go.” Louise was cut off by Alex’s stern voice as she walked passed through Cathy towards the door.

Cathy just nod and sends Louise a disappointed, no, it’s actually more of a super pissed off look as she gathered her things. Addie quickly followed Alex without any word.

“Wait Alex, please.” Louise pleaded as she tried to follow the girl but Cathy stopped her.

“Don’t even, Louise.” Cathy started on a firm threatening tone. “I told you before; I don’t want her to get hurt.” Continue reading Chapter 4: Your Hesitations, My Regrets

Finale Review: Orphan Black – By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Holy mother of pure cheese balls. This is basically the f*cking best – cliff-hanging – season finale I have ever seen and I am still trying to wrap up my  brain around this episode until now.

Orphan Black’s season finale episode entitled “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” was the most mindf*cking episode this show has ever done. There are a lot of things happened – I mean literally a lot. Now, let’s try to discuss and understand what just this show has done.

orphan black season 2 finale male clone

First, Sarah surrendered herself to DYAD in an attempt of rescuing Kira. But we all know how smart this little  girl is, because Kira sure knows how to rescue herself, she stole a nurse’s phone and called Cal – this kid could also be so sneaky!

Meanwhile, Cosima helped Sarah – with the help of Scott, I’m beginning to love this guy – by her little science lesson with Kira about force, acceleration, – sharp pencils, fire extinguishers – okay, maybe just about the force and acceleration thing – that eventually lead to Rachel, losing an eye – dammit! That must really hurt! And maybe this was one of those crazy sciences Cosima is talking about? Maybe.

So after Kira’s call, Cal went straight to Mrs. S’ door steps with a very interesting lead with him. He happens to have a connection from inside the DYAD institute – and that connection was Marion, – Rachel’s boss – and she said something about a “Castor” – in which Mrs. S’ happens to know – maybe  –through Paul – whom happened to be her inside man from the military –wooahh! that was such a long and winding connect-the-dot sh*t! Anyway, we have then known that there are more to this whole clone thing that DYAD has been experimenting for a long time – we have known that military also has its own clone experiment too, named “Project Castor” – only with male clones.

male clones orphan blackYes, male clones, and Mark, the Prolethean guy, is one of them. To be honest, I’m in shock, beyond shock actually. I never thought that his character is going to be SO important – I even didn’t know his name until tonight!  Oh, Orphan Black can always be so surprising, unpredictable, and frustrating all at the same time. I mean, now what’s up with this new story line? Cuz this just blows my mind.

This super cliff-hanging season finale episode just gave us  a little too more questions – and confusions – than they have given answers. Here are few:

Helena was kidnapped by military. Why? What is their angle? Do they know Helena’s pregnant and wants to go on with an experiment with her and her baby? My friend though, for a second, thought that they will make her a military – yes that was an insane theory – but who knows.

Will Jesse comes back next season? He should be. Our Helena is – madly – in love with him.

 Is Delphine ever coming back? Well, she must be! My CoPhine should be together forever and ever – now that sounds cheesy.

– Will Cosima survive? – she better be – I almost hit my television monitor on that very second we thought she died – thankfully, Kira has her own magic touch that brought Cosima back. Goodness this kid is pure kindness.

What is really up with Mrs. S and Paul? These people are just as confusing as science can be. I don’t know now – more than ever – whether they were bad or in the good side. Everything about them screams “confusion”.

What is TOPSIDE? Who is Marion? – no, really “who” is Marion?

So there’s a young clone named, Charlotte. Hmmm

Where is Tony in all of this?

So, the Proletheans were totally gone? I mean after Helena burned down their farm, are they really gone?

And the biggest question I guess, what will happen now with this male clone storyline? Where is this going?

orphan black clone dance partyNow, on a lighter note, can we talk about the “Clone Dance Party”? That was hysterical. I mean, look at Helena’s dancing prowess, it was GOLD. I laughed SO hard at the whole scene!

It was a gad damn awesome way to celebrate their seestrahood. A real, super high thumbs up for this one, Orphan Black writers!

SO, do we have the same feelings about Orphan Black’s Season 2 finale episode? Were you also in shock to what has just happened? Let’s share our thoughts! Comment up!

P.S. I can’t wait for the next season to come. Anyone knows when it will air?

And oh, btw, thank you clone clubbers for sticking with me throughout this season!  See you all next season! You guys rock!

Orphan Black and Orange Is The New Black at Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014

orphan black ointb*Photo via @OINTB twitter account

Guys!! I still can’t stop fangirling over this photo from last night’s Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014.

Goodness. Laura Prepon and Tatiana Maslany on one picture – eeehhh – plus Matthew McConaughey, and these OINTB beautiful ladies! – this photo is perfection!

tatiana maslany critics choice

Okay, Clone Clubbers, we need to gather around and give our girl, Tatiana Maslany  – look at those bright smile! -a loud cheer for winning the Best Actress in a Drama Series – Wooooaaahhh!! – this girl deserved ALL the awards, that’s no doubt! Now, let’s get ready for more awards to come for this lady! Congratulations!

OINTBAnd how about for these ladies from Orange Is The New Black for winning Best Comedy Series – yay! – plus Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Kate Mulgrew (tie with Mom’s Allison Janney), and Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series for Uzo AdubaCrazy Eyes is one of the bests, no more argument. It’s proven, this show is gad damn brilliant! Congratulations, girls!

Here’s the complete list of winners:

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Matthew McConaughey, True Detective (HBO)

Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black (BBC America)

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep (HBO)

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

The Normal Heart (HBO)

Fargo (FX)

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven (FX)

Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo (FX)

Archer (FX)

Shark Tank (ABC)

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Fox/National Geographic Channel)

Ryan Murphy

Allison Janney, Mom (CBS)
Kate Mulgrew, Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Allison Tolman, Fargo (FX)

Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart (HBO)

Allison Janney, Masters of Sex (Showtime)

Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad (AMC)

Bellamy Young, Scandal (ABC)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Fox/National Geographic Channel)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC)


Review – Faking It – Shocking Season Finale


That was basically my reaction with Faking It season finale episode, Burnt Toast. This episode was TOO MUCH. Cliffhangers were too much.

Okay, so let’s get straight to the biggest, shocking cliffhanger for this season.

Karma dumped Amy. Liam dumped Karma. – Yes, there’s a lot of dumping scenes on this episode.

faking it season 1 finale

My high hopes of having a happy ending with Karmy crashed down right on my television screen when Karma said she doesn’t feel the same way to Amy – oh gad dammit – after Amy vaguely admitted her feelings for her best friend through her toast speech for her mother’s wedding.

But of course, Karma being a smart girl, she gets the message that her best friend was trying to convey, very clear. But unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same , – poor Amy, I know the feeling, I know. 

faking it amy season 1

So after Amy gets dumped, she decided to waste herself with champagne, SO wasted that she eventually had a – hold on to your seats –  revenge sex with Liam. YES, LIAM.

faking it liam amy revenge sex

Holy effing cheeseballs, right?  – Yeah that’s my reaction too.

So here’s the scenario, after Karma dumped Amy – that leaves Amy so devastated – she then went to Liam to say that everything with Amy is finally over, but then Liam already knew that she and Amy was just faking their romantic relationship – thru Shane – he then broke up with Karma and gets himself wasted with alcohol too – these kids thought alcohol was the answer, but yeah, sometimes – and then bam! Gets a revenge sex with Amy.

Shocked, eh? My reaction was beyond shocked. I was like: “Whaaat??” the whole last 5 mins of the episode. I mean goodness, I have to wait for Season 2, to know what happened next. What will happen to Karmy? Isn’t Karmy an endgame? And you writers, why do you have to this?! This is an effing torture. SMH.  I hate you, but then I love you too for giving us Karmy.

So, do we have the same reaction too? Comment up!

Review – Sam Smith: Stay With Me feat. Mary J. Blige

Oh gad.

And just when I thought it can’t get any better. Sam Smith released a new version of his song “Stay With Me” from his album “In The Lonely Hour” but this time, it featured the one, Mary J. Blige.

Yes. Mary J. Blige.

And their voices blended SO well. Sam Smith’s soulful vocal plus Mary J. Blige’s great runs. JUST PERFECT.

Okay, just a side thought, I think he should have a duet with Adele too. What do you think?

Anyway, come on! Hit that play button now to witness what I’m trying to blab.



[Poll] Glee: Season 5 Top 10 Songs – RESULT

AND Finally! Votes has been gathered. Now we have the final TOP 10 Songs from Season 5 – and I’m super pleased with the results!


Good job Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones), Heather Morris (Brittany Pierce), and BRITTANA fans! Their songs taken the poll by storm – we really need to have a “Troubletones” reunion on Season 6! Come on Glee creators, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

1. Doo Wop (That Thing) – “The Back-up Plan”

– No one can argue with this one. Naya and Amber rapping is GOLD. Their cover of Lauryn Hill classic was one of the best decisions that Glee has ever made. BRAVO.

2. Valerie – “100”

– BRITTANA. Not gonna say anything anymore. I’m gonna re-watch the 100th episode NOW. Bye.

3. Colourblind – “Bash”

– Well, Amber Riley is Amber Riley. She’s one of the best singers on Glee. I can’t wait for her own album be released!

4. Seasons Of Love – “The Quarterback”

– Ryan Murphy once replied to my tweet when I asked if they can do “Seasons of Love” on Glee.  And he said he’ll love to do it, BUT I never thought – even in my wildest dream – that they’ll be able to do it for Cory Monteith tribute episode – SIGH. – I still can’t believe he’s gone. Cory, you are missed. :(

Ryan murphy tweet

5. If I Die Young – “The Quarterback”

– I’m not even gonna lie, this performance and particular scene turned me into a crying mess. I was moved by her performance. Naya Rivera really has an amazing voice.

6. Toxic – “100”

– Again, this is by far one of the best and sexiest performances I’ve ever seen in the entire Glee existence. JUST SEXY. Only Unholy Trinity does it better.

7. Let’s Wait Awhile – “Tested”

– Kevin McHale and Amber Riley’s voices here blended SO well. They should have done a lot of numbers of together.  This is indeed one of the best songs’ Glee has ever covered.

8. Don’t Rain On My Parade – “Frenemies”

– Oh well, HOLY SH*T. Naya Rivera gorgeously ROCKED this classic Broadway song. That’s it. No more argument.

9. Defying Gravity – “100”

– Glee made it even better than their first cover in S1. They did a great job on recreating this song! The arrangement was SUPERB. Hands down.

10. Here Comes The Sun – “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”

– Demi Lovato’s voice, blended with Naya Rivera’s, then suddenly everything was perfect. I love this cover of The Beatles classic.

SO, did your favorite songs made it to the TOP 10? Let’s discuss! Again, thank you Gleeks for participating! YOU GUYS ROCKED!

*Photo credit goes to the owner.

Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (#NotABadLoveStory Fan Video)

“Guys, thank you for sharing all your love stories and showing me a million reasons why love is not a bad thing. ” – Justin Timberlake

Today, Team Timberlake posted a brand new music video for the song “Not A Bad Thing” with clippings and compilations of different love stories from some of JT’s fans.

And now, few hours after being published online, the video already has almost 40k hits! WOW.

Why shouldn’t it be a sure hit, anyway? The video is altogether sweet, feel-good, and loving. It shows equality and proved that LOVE IS LOVE. Good job Team Timberlake! I’m pretty sure everybody on that video is SO appreciative and thankful. Continue reading Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (#NotABadLoveStory Fan Video)

Review – Sia: Chandelier (Official Music Video)


Goodness. Have you seen this music video of Sia’s “Chandelier”? It’s no doubt that SIA is an amazing singer, but damn, this kid can steal a show from anyone! This Maddie Ziegler kid CAN really dance! Gad, she’s amazing. Her flawless moves, made everything about this video perfect. This video is pure class, pure talent, and deserved a million applause.

Note to SIA: Please continue doing world-class videos for your amazing songs! I cannot wait for the release of your new album, “1000 Forms of Fear” this July! I bet everything is going to be amazing too!

So come on guys, hit that play button and give yourself a treat for a pure artistic video!

Michael Jackson Hologram Performance at Billboard Music Awards 2014


Michael Jackson really looks so alive on that hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2014. Although I must admit, it was not that flawlessly done – there’s something wrong in it, like the face was kinda off, and the dancing is nothing like MJ’s – but I needed to get some MJ’s voice and dancing moves live again – oh those moonwalks – so I’d rather settle for it than to have nothing at all.

I know some people would feel like it’s all creepy to see him perform and sing again, but I don’t care, I would still gladly pay with all my pennies just to watch him – May you Rest in Peace, Michael – perform again.

So Billboard Music Awards 2014, thank you for that epic hologram of the one, Michael Jackson, King of Pop, performing “Slave to the Rhythm”. I’ll be waiting for more.

In case you missed it, here take a good look of that most talked about performance:

Did you like it? Did that performance gives you chills? Let me know!



Glee Season 5 – Review, Insights, and Frustrations

Last Tuesday’s episode of Glee wrapped up its Season 5 with an episode entitled: “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”. To be honest, I’m quite skeptical on writing about this but I can’t hold long this feeling of disappointment inside me so I needed to write it out.

Okay, I’ll go straight to the point. I am super disappointed that the S5 Finale just disappoints me THAT MUCH. It’s not that I’m highly expecting the opposite tho – I guess I was just hoping that based on the hints that was given before it was aired – it could be better than it was presented. I guess, I just didn’t expect it to be like that.

I’m a huge Glee fan, that I have never skipped an episode since Season 1. After the very shaky and less focused Season 4 wrapped up, I have high hopes that Season 5 could bring back the
Continue reading Glee Season 5 – Review, Insights, and Frustrations

Review – Michael Jackson Compilation Album: “XSCAPE”

I’m actually not sure if I could give a justifiable review for this highly-anticipated compilation album. But I can’t stop myself from blabbing about this newly released album of the one, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. So I’ve decided to have a quick and short – fangirling – review just to please my satisfaction of sharing how much I love this amazing album.

Dear gad, it was SUPERB.
Continue reading Review – Michael Jackson Compilation Album: “XSCAPE”

Review – Betty Who: Slow Dancing EP

“Betty who? Who the hell is Betty Who???”

Alright, so that’s my reaction when I first heard about her name and her songs being categorized as awesome around Twitter last first week of April. It was when Kevin McHale randomly tweeted his playlist and then I saw him praising this “Betty Who”. Trusting Kevin’s judgement on music, I decided to listen to this Betty Who and man, from then on, I was mesmerized by her music and I JUST cannot stop listening. Continue reading Review – Betty Who: Slow Dancing EP

Blog – Glee: Top Best Brittana Fanfiction. EVER. – UPDATED


I need to update this post. I just couldn’t left this list without the recent fanfic that made my heart and eyes swell.

“INFLUENCE” by Sappho’s Ghost https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6410509/1/Influence

I don’t know why I have not read this earlier, to think that it was written 2010 – I lost a lot of years , sigh. But goodness, this fic is so damn beautiful. I never cried this hard on a book I am reading or even on a movie I am watching – even “The Fault In Our Stars”! I’m actually starting to think that I have a heart of stone – never again after “COLOR”. I started reading this last week, and now after 5 days, I’m already on Chapter 23. Now here’s a quick story, I wasn’t entirely okay today, not feeling well physically and emotionally, and I thought that continuing to read Chapter 21 will help me feel better, but it didn’t, it only made me feel f*cking worse –  and as soon as I got to 22, I was already sobbing into tears – like literally tears all over. My heart hurts, my eyes hurts, my head hurts, everything. And now I’m not sure if I’m ready for Chapter 23. So I’m praying to all possible Gods and Goddesses to give me strength to read this.

And you guys, read this. This fic is worth all your time. Give yourself a favor and read it.

I was thinking of putting up this list of “Top BEST Brittana Fanfiction EVER.” for a little while now. Well, maybe because of the joyous feelings I still have from the recent awesomeness of Glee’s 2 part 100th episode where we got a  huge “fanfic-like”  Brittana storyline (The intimate kiss! *Squealing*).

Or maybe because right now (on our Brittana bubble fantasy) our glorious couple is enjoying their tropical vacay and doing a lot of fanfic-like things and habits, and who knows, they’ll come back with a little “Sugar” with them already.

Continue reading Blog – Glee: Top Best Brittana Fanfiction. EVER. – UPDATED

[Review] Slowdown Time – Ghost Loft

I first heard about them when Dianna Agron randomly tweeted her current playlist, it was actually their other song “SECONDS”. That song was superb too, but the moment I heard the track “Slowdowntime”, man, I instantly fell in love with the song. Lyrics and music goes along perfectly and I cannot stop listening. Okay, let me get to the song verse by verse.

Continue reading [Review] Slowdown Time – Ghost Loft

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